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Nail Chop

As Jayne calls it.


Check hers out:


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Guilty Pleasure



Scu scu scuderiaaa

Is it really June already??

The rainy season is approaching Tokyo…
Cross my fingers we’ll have more sunny days in between this year.

On a different note, I had a chance to finally ride in my friend’s car.

What a beautiful car.



Five rings

To celebrate 5 years at Midtown Roppongi.





Quite possibly one of the best Tonkatsu in Tokyo

I ate at Tonki in Meguro the other day. We have a visitor from LA and decided to have dinner there.

My best guyfriend loves this place and was shocked I’ve never been before.
When I crave tonkatsu I usually go to Kimukatsu in Ebisu. They have multi-layered millefeuille tonkatsu in different flavors such as garlic, black pepper, cheese, etc. yum

Tonki has been around forever I guess and it’s a family run business. You can order fillet (leaner) or loin (fattier) and they also have kushikatsu.

I ordered the fillet, and while it’s not like your typical tonkatsu, it was GOOD.
No wonder people love this place. The crust was super crunchy and the meat was soft and juicy.

Cleaned up my plate and will be back for more :)


Happy New Year!!

HAPPY 2012!!

I’ve neglected this blog way too much… I know… 2011 went by super fast.. I feel like so much happened… but when I try to remember what I’ve done I can’t seem to remember much.

Here’s my yearly collage… Looking back on 2011 through pictures.














I’m thankful that everyone in my family is healthy.

I’m thankful to have my best friend back in Tokyo, even though I don’t know when she’ll jet off again.

I’m thankful for all my friends that make a cold and fast-paced city like Tokyo warm and full of fun times.

I’m thankful for my yoga teacher and yoga buddies that made yoga such a fun experience for me.

I’m thankful to have been given the opportunity to start a new job filled with new experiences and great coworkers.

I’m thankful for all my friends overseas that still think of me even though we’re apart.

I’m thankful for all the new people that come into my life and leave a new footprint.

I look at my life, and although it’s not really where I imagined it to be when I was younger I definitely have a LOT to be thankful for.

Whenever I thought about updating this blog last year….I’d always get stuck. What would I write about? Who would I be writing to? I’m still not sure since there’s not much direction…. I look at my friends’ blogs and they’re very distinctly categorized. Party snaps, makeup blogs, food blogs, fashion blogs…. I’m really not sure what I’ll be updating about this year or who reads this anymore.. But as a new year’s resolution, I will make an effort to update more often :)

Happy New Year everyone! Let’s make it a great one!

I’m back!!

After the earthquake I didn’t really feel like blogging at all. Sorry for being MIA, but I think I finally feel comfortable updating again :)

I want to give a big THANK YOU to everyone who supported my charity drive. I’m still trying to organize the sales and I’m leaning towards donating through my yoga studio. I will keep you all updated on this!

I’m not sure who follows my blog and I’m also not sure if anyone missed my posts, but it’ll be nice to start writing again so I can look back and see all the stuff I’ve been up to :)

“Pray for Japan” Fundraiser Pinky Rings

I’ve been thinking about what I can do, to help the people that have been hit by the massive earthquake and tsunami….

and I’ve decided to do a fundraiser by making and selling pinky rings :)

They are available in Japan colors- Red, and White (clear)

Yay! Rock Japan colors and show your support!!



I have limited number of rings in Japan Size 4, 6, and 9.

Japanese size 4 = US size 3 = finger circumference 44mm
Japanese size 6 = US size 3 5/8 = finger circumference 45.6mm
Japanese size 9 = US size 5 = finger circumference 49mm

Size Guide
They’re made of semi-stretchy elastic, so you’ll probably want to go a smaller size.
My pinky circumference is 46mm~47mm, so a size 6 would be a perfect fit.
But since it’s elastic and will eventually stretch, I actually wore a size 4 and let it stretch out. (I’ve been wearing mine for over a month now.)
Here’s the online conversion website I’ve been using:

If you don’t know your size, you can use a piece of string or a strip of paper, and measure your circumference.
Here’s another chart you can look at:

1000yen each ($1=82 yen, so roughly $12USD)
700yen ($8.50USD) out of the 1000yen will be donated to the earthquake victims.

The rings are made of:

  • Semi-stretch beading elastic
  • Sterling silver parts
  • Swarovski Crystal beads

If you would like to order, please send an email to:
*with your full name
*where you are located (whether or not you’re located in Japan)
*ring color
*your ring size.
*shipping preference (regular or insured)
**If your Paypal email address is different than the one you’re emailing me from please specify.
**If you live in Japan, bank transactions are possible if preferred over Paypal. (Please specify)

***PAYPAL invoice will be in Japanese Yen (they will automatically calculate and charge you in your currency)

You will be sent an invoice for ring total + shipping depending on location.

Within Japan– most likely 80yen (regular post), Kuroneko Yamato Mail service is 160yen
Overseasmost likely no more than 500 yen (Probably around 300~400 yen. I’ll have to weigh the packaged envelope and see…sorry!) I think it will be about 350yen which is about $4USD (It may differ depending on location, so please ask first!)
Overseas– EMS with tracking number & insurance: 1200yen (US)(roughly $14~$15USD), 1500yen (UK)(roughly $18USD), please email me for more info.

This is actually my first time selling through my blog, so I apologize that I’m not familiar with the postage rates and whatnot…but trying my best here so I can help raise money to help those up in northern Japan!

Currently I have:

Japan size 4: (10 red, 10 white)

Japan size 6: (10 red, 10 white)

Japan size 9: (15 red, 15 white)

If you need a special-made size, please email me! It may take a few days extra but I can make your size to order.

They’re great as gifts too, and also for a good cause! PLUS, once you’ve worn these rings out, you can still use them as toe rings as well! lol

I haven’t decided which organization to donate to yet (I was thinking of Red Cross) but I want to donate where 100% goes to disaster relief. Will keep you guys updated on this!

When you think about the shipping cost (for you) and the paypal fees (for me) I’m not making any profit out of this, so it would be a lot better if you buy together with your friends and place one order!! Please tell your friends! :)

Thank you for your support!









*スワロフスキー クリスタル ビーズ




*発送方法:普通郵便(梱包してみてないのでわかりませんがたぶん80円で送れるはず)、くろねこメール便 (160円)






送料や振込手数料などを考えると、友達と一緒に共同購入した方がお得です!チャリティなので私にはほとんど利益はありません!!なので、ぜひ、お友達も誘ってみてください☆ もしくはお友達の分もオーダーしてプレゼントしてみてはいかがでしょうか♪♪



A special thank you to Liv Lo for supporting me and supporting a good cause!
Check out her blog post here:




Paint for Japan, Pray for Japan

My good friend Trip asked me to take part in a project she is working on.

Paint For Japan

Taken from her website:




The Tohoku region Pacific Ocean coast earthquake M9.0
14:46 _ 11/03/2011



■Concept of “#PAINT FOR JAPAN” by trip_

その衝撃を行動に、その感覚を筆に。 「このプロジェクトはまだ、ただ一つの方法。」
This project is I graphic of the rising-sun flag mask on your face of my important ppl who stand up.
The great earthquake gave a heroically impact to us who didn’t know the war.
It gave us the chance to be ashamed of ignorance.
Let’s change the impact into the action, the sense is expressed with the pen.
“This project is still only one method.”

Paint for Japan started with the artist BAKIBAKING calling out to all artists to share their art after the quake.
You can see other art sent in by searching #PAINTFORJAPAN on twitter.

Basically, TRIP’s concept as I understand it is something along the lines of:

We are a generation that only know stories of the war. This massive earthquake had a huge impact on us.
It gave us an opportunity to be ashamed of our ignorance. Let us change this impact into action.
Let us express this feeling through art.

She expresses this by putting the “rising sun” symbol on our faces like a mask…
Some may find this appalling and weird.
Some may find it cool and interesting.
Whatever the reaction may be, it STANDS OUT.
That was her main motive…to make it stand out, so people notice.

The rising sun symbolizes that our hearts are with this country.
So we can stand proud to be Japanese or to represent Japan.
To know that we can pull through this disaster.
With our friends beside us, we will rise again.

“Let the sun rise once again. Let it bring hope. Love has no boundaries. Let us come together. We are all ONE.”


Kenji Sato
“A new generation is starting right now for us, Japanese or not, “Kanto-jin”. All, TOGETHER.”

Sen Mitsuji
“in the land of the rising sun, it is time for the sons to rise, for the daughters to rise, to help our wonderful home rise again.”

Kenji Kohashi
“和 WA 輪 We are all connected ! ”

Norifumi Yoneda
“I LOVE YOU ! 言葉と祈りで心はつながる。さあ、邪念と縁を切り、素直な心のままに今を行動しよう。DO NOT WORRY, LET’S DO THE BEST OF YOU JUST NOW!”


Takeru Amano
“今ここにあるその先へ 怖いものなんか何も無い 僕らの未来は七色だ”

Yuko Uchida
“Our wish is one. To regain the smile.”

Liv Lo
“The land is the people. The people are the land. We are Japan.”

Yasuyuki Tatsunaka
“we can do it!!”

We all wonder what each of us can do…
One might think that what little each person is able to do…won’t add up to much…
But I don’t think this is true…
Every little thing counts.

I’m currently working on a fundraiser that I will post up on Tuesday hopefully!!
Those of you who like jewelry stay tuned!


I realize I haven’t posted since the earthquake..
Things have been so hectic since…
It’s still hard to imagine that such a massive earthquake hit us so close…
I was by myself when the earthquake hit on friday…
I seriously thought I was going to die.

Living in Japan, you get used to earthquakes.
A tremor here, a tremor there.
It’s not a big deal.
Sometimes we laugh about it, smiling perhaps out of relief that it wasn’t THE big one..
the one we’ve been told that will hit the Kanto (Tokyo) area and Tokai (Nagoya) area for years now.

I was on the train, when we pulled into a station, the doors opened,
and then it started shaking.

People were shouting and screaming, and everyone ran out of the train onto the platform.
I couldn’t even stand up straight and had to crouch to the ground..
The station signs were swinging hard.
High school girls were crying.
People were holding onto each other.
It was the scariest day of my life…

Trains immediately stopped.
Phone lines went dead.
I couldn’t get a hold of my Dad who I thought was at his office
surrounded by lots of glass and chemicals.
(Thankfully he was safe, and the labs had minimal damage.)

I was about 20 minutes away from home by train…
But nothing was around me.
No one I knew.
Thank god twitter worked.
I found out there was a massive tsunami warning.
I was right by water.
I walked fast inland to a different station…hoping to find a bus or a taxi
or even the subway to be running in the direction of home…

Roads were split. Water was leaking onto the ground…
There was a car smashed into a wall…
People were everywhere on the streets looking lost and shocked…
The grounds still shook hard with big aftershocks…
I felt like crying…but I told myself I can’t fall apart now.

I ended up walking 3 and a half hours before I finally found an empty taxi.
It took me another hour and half to get home from there because of traffic.

It was bizarre, looking at the streets filled with people silently making their way home…

Convenience stores were a mess with products scattered on the floor that had fallen from the shelves.
Yet, people just picked these up, lined up at the register and quietly waited their turn.

It’s amazing how calm everyone was…

I got home 5 hours after the quake… tired… but safe…
I slept with my clothes on, on the living room floor that night. (and that weekend actually)
My mind was so uptight, I couldn’t loosen up.
I was too scared to sleep in my bed, in case another one hit closer.

My fear of a big earthquake hitting us here in Tokyo have subsided since, but the constant aftershocks
still keep me on edge. I didn’t realize how much stress it was causing me until I went back to Aichi
for a weekend. There were zero tremors there, and it was heavenly.

After the initial shock of the quake wore off a little, came the panic about the nuclear power plant.
Following the news constantly, hearing about the damages up north, seeing the destruction and the
number of people missing or those found dead…

It’s all a bit much to take….

People all over Japan are buying out all the bottled water because they’re scared of radiation.
I wonder if they know that we’re constantly being exposed to natural radiation.
From outer space, from the ground, from breathing, from eating, or those that like to go to radon hotsprings…

I also wonder if those that flew out of the country to get farther away from all this know that they’re
exposed to far more radiation from flying in a plane…than staying here in Japan…

People are freaking out here, not doing their laundry, scared to shower….
Makes me want to shake my head and say you’ve got to be kidding me.

The Japanese standard is set at 1/10 of the International standards.
The amount currently found in the water isn’t significant enough to cause harm.
The only ones who should worry are infants under the age of 1.

So please give the water to the people up north.
Please give it to families that have children under 12 months old.
Please stop hoarding.
It’s totally unnecessary.


We’re much better off with minimal damage here in Tokyo….
Why are the people who have lost EVERYTHING up north
sharing what little they are given… and the people here
who have our life lines and our cozy homes, buying out all the groceries and water?

I feel like I’m holding together with a thin thread…
ever since the quake…
I haven’t been able to unwind…
I just want to thank Yumeko for constantly being a chat mate
and keeping me sane.

It’ll definitely be a long road to recovery for the people up north.
My heart breaks every time I see the news and hear the voices of
the people that are going through this nightmare..
I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose a loved one through this…
To lose everything…

Japan is depressed. Maybe not down south.
But Tokyo and up…definitely feels different.
I guess we have to do what we can do,
to get back to leading a normal life.
Go out and eat, meet up with friends,
try to get the economy running again.

We all just have to do
what little or lot we’re each capable of doing…

Pray for Japan.
Let the sun rise once again.
Let it bring hope.
Love has no boundaries.
Let us come together.
We are all ONE.

Odani Motohiko at the Roppongi Mori Art Museum

I went to go check out the Odani Motohiko exhibition at the Mori Art Museum today.
I didn’t realize this at first (since I’m really bad with names) but he’s actually an artist
I wanted to check out 2 years ago when he had an exhibition at Maison Hermès in Ginza.
I never got around to that, so it was a nice surprise to find that the scupltures I wanted to
see were part of the collection currently installed in the Mori Museum.

His art pieces are very complex and have a lot to do with messages on life and death…
Some pieces were as appealing as they were disturbing…
It’s quite difficult to describe and I highly suggest you go see for yourself.

I was amazed at how intricate a lot of his pieces were and I could stare at them for hours and still be awed.

I walked out of the museum with the impression that Odani is an artist that can make death look beautiful…
He also brings out an ugly/disturbing/repulsive perspective in things commonly perceived innocent and beautiful.

It’s all very mixed and deep, although a little dark.







oh, and I did NOT expect him to look like this:


He’s the youngest artist (38) to open a solo exhibition using the FULL expanse of the Mori Museum.

The last room (the white room) was definitely my favorite.

Phantom Limb
Odani Motohiko
Exhibit is until February 27, 2011 (Sunday)

Tel: +81-3-5777-8600

If you pay 300 yen extra, you can get the combo pass that lets you check out the Tokyo Sky Planetarium
on the same floor. I didn’t expect much, but was pleasantly surprised because it was BEAUTIFUL!!
It’s an amazing feeling to be surrounded by stars….

I really wish I can make my room look like that at night… :-/

Anyway, hope you have a chance to go check them out.
It’s well worth the 2+ hours and 1800 yen you can spend, and if you go after or when the sun sets,
bonus points because the view from the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills is one of the best in Tokyo :)